• Gabrielle Archambault


I know now what home truly feels like she said. Those are the best words she could find to describe being with him. He knew he was lucky. She said she often wished to go somewhere and leave this place. She said she would like to take only right turns to go there. The left ones reminded her of every bad choice she ever made. From what she should order for takeout to blaming her ex for every single fight they ever had. For her, life was a coutry road. It should be spent rolling with the windows down and breathing into the wind whatever it may bring. Staying still for too long used to bring tears to her eyes. You could say she liked her life but she loved it with a little cinnamon in it. Onde day, she told him that love was like a tree and then stopped talking. Did she mean that it is strong, standing tall against every thunder or that it is weak as though the leaves would fall easily as all those promises ? He never asked her because every time he tried, she was just too beautiful and maybe if he looked longer into her sparkling eyes he could find it. The meaning. After a while he began to understand that she had a world of her own. She also told him about her star. The one she had been following to the ends of the earth. Maybe he saw it too one day, when she was showing him her favorite constellation, the one she has tattooed on the back of her neck. He simply sat there and told himself how grateful he was to share the sky with the person he loved most. Then, the moon looked down on her and agreed with the sun, she did not belong to the darkness. She was meant to brighten his world.

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