• Gabrielle Archambault


It doesn't matter if you don't know what you want or even why you're going away. As long as I can convince you to come back to me. I will send you hope like flowers on your birthday. Even if you never get them. I will leave 'I love you' notes in the sleeves of every shirt you will bring with you. You will read them later even if there might not be a later. I will make a storm out of everything you wish you'd never seen and drink it along with my coffee.. Sometimes I look out the window and I swear I can see the wind. Sometimes I need to stop everything and start again. Sometimes I look up to the sky and nothing happens. Sometimes I leave lipstick stains on party glasses just to see if anyone will notice. When I think about you, I believe that this madness is okay. It is only how I choose to handle this. You know, I can see the dried tears on the corners of your letters and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Even time knows it couldn’t get better. Every story they tell about you, isn't about someone else. When I watched you go, the glass door got foggy and I wrote a love letter in it. My mind said please don't go and my body said stay right here with me. I won't be able to stand it for long. Never knowing. Not understanding. Always hoping. Your war is sand against blood and mine is between love and sanity.

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