• Gabrielle Archambault

Kate & Greg

Kate -

It was good seeing you again. Your hair as messy as usual, like thorns on roses. Your laugh still soft and deep. You look at me and your gaze darkens, like you've seen a ghost. You stare at me uncomfortably for what seems like forever. Your eyes searching my face, noticing my cheeks probably a little pink. You look at my mouth like you already know the words I'm about to say. Maybe now, after all this time you know that when I said I regretted it, I really meant it. Maybe now I realize that you were my home even if sometimes I couldn't find my way back. Before I could say something, you just smile and put your hands in your pockets like you think the answer to our problem is in there. I had forgotten how happiness suits you, you should wear it more often. I could kiss you right now but I won’t. It would mean tears saved for later. I couldn't do that to you and you deserve better than a cold and empty home.

Greg -

It was good seeing you again. I can't stop looking at you. God, you look just as beautiful as I remember, a little blushed. Is it the sun who gave you pink cheeks ? Well, thank him for me will you ? You look happy and it throws me off. I swear I'm not obsessed I just can't take my eyes off of you. But there are so many things left unsaid hanging between us like the clothes drying on the cord outside. I don't want to move because if I do my skin will stop touching yours and I need two more minutes. Then I think about what made us grow apart and I ignore it because you're here and it's all that counts. Your eyes are full of regret, I can tell. I just want to kiss you in that moment and tell you that I've forgotten all that's happened. We just have to run back home, turn on all the lights and I promise. You won't forget the address.

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