• Gabrielle Archambault

Our last night

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Tonight is our last. We wouldn't say it out loud. The moment came too soon and now that it's here we have to make this last night last. So let's not sleep and tell each other lies about tomorrow. Or we could grab each second like we're climbing stars. Even though our hearts will be heavy with regret because nights like this should have been there since the beginning. This night is ours just like the first one when we were on my single bed in my brand new empty apartment. If I could break this night apart I bet I could put it back together and it would have the shape of your hand. It would feel like it too. This night is reminds us of all our memories and we've been together for so long, they feel like pictures taken by somebody else. Our last night should be full of promises. I want you to tell me about everything that's beautiful. I will collect your words and turn them into flowers. I'll make them in a bouquet of roses and pretend not to feel the thorns. Tonight means so much to me so we should paint it with our own colours. Then we could close our eyes and discover each other once again in a whole new way. We should put on our song and dance to it until it ends. Like we did the first time at the bar when we were stumbling around and finally stumbled into each other's hearts. If I keep thinking about way to make it worth our while, we'll miss it so take my hand and let this be the happiest never after.

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