• Gabrielle Archambault


You should leave the door open tonight I said. Not because I'm afraid of the dark but because earlier when my heart cried out, couldn't take it anymore, I took all of my regrets and hid them under the bed. Now I'm afraid that they will come to me while I sleep. If I'm being honest, I thought about pining them on you but you wouldn't know that they were mine and you wouldn't take them seriously. Those regrets are what make me and un-make me everyday like a battle between reasons and excuses. Who can tell the difference anyway ? Regrets are part of my puzzle, if you take them out then a few pieces are missing and I feel better but not complete. So instead I took them back like a bad habit you wished all your life you could get rid of. I swallowed them like you would fire, recklessly and with false pride.

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