• Gabrielle Archambault

Rose's life

When she was little, Rose's father thought she was going to be the sweetest thing this earth has tasted but her mother knew better, took one look at her bright pink cheeks and knew she was going to get in trouble.

Now Rose is nineteen and wishes she was twenty-five. She is writing a book she has no intention to publish. No souls could get her writing. She has her nose pierced and tattoos spread across her body. She calls it art. She likes to think to much. She pretends to like beer whenever someone offers. She is a heart breaker just like her mother thought. She rides her bike around town, headphones in and no helmet of course. wears glasses for style and is thinking about getting her hair dyed just because she can. She's a vegetarian and tried yoga once. She thought tangling her body would untangle her thoughts but it didn't so she gave up. Sometimes she doesn't wear a bra because... feminism. She believes she is a feminist. She hates to admit it but only her man's embrace can put her to sleep. She kissed a girl once and thought nothing of it. She has most plants than weaknesses but forgets to water them. She likes to smoke ans each time she inhales she thinks about what she is grateful for. She believes in true love because of all those love songs that make her cry. She gets sad for no reason but mostly on rainy days. high heels make her feel like a queen and she always wonders if she should put lipstick on before a date in case she kisses him. She speaks french but only in front of people who don't because she is too embarrassed.

And when she is old, Rose wants a house with more windows than walls and on the beach so she can dance with the waves. And she plans on walking completely naked in that house ALL THE TIME. She wants a big garden with the tallest sunflowers. She wants to bake pies in the afternoon while she stills writes that book. She wants to paint her walls the colors of her memories and she'll call it art.

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