• Gabrielle Archambault


Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I think you might be falling in love with me and I ought to warn you about some things. Like in the morning, when I wake up with the sun and you're still asleep in our bed, I'll slip out into the garden. I'll pick a flower and play 'he loves, he loves me not'. Like when I'll ask what's going on and say you don't know. I will get my hands on your journal but then not read it. I will roll up the cheesy love letters you like to write and smoke them in the middle of the night. I will leave lipstick on your cheek on purpose and hold your hand a little too tight on the sidewalk. I will let you make love to me as hard as you wish even when I don't care for it. Just to keep you satisfied. I will wear dresses a little too short, in summertime when it's hot outside. I'll let you look underneath just to tease you. Sometimes, I'll leave without saying anything just to see if you'll come looking for me. So just love me harder than I love you and we should be just fine.

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