• Gabrielle Archambault

That word

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Love is a warm embrace in winter and your hands in the pockets of my coat.

Love is as bright as looking into the sun without sunglasses.

Love is a kiss on my cheek that itches a little.

Love is two hands intertwined, a hole in my shirt mended, fingers like thread.

Love is your favorite song stuck in my head over again, I sing it in the shower now and then.

Love is whispering in the dark at 2 a.m. while I run my hand down your spine hoping it'll tickle you. You pretending that it doesn't.

Love is «What are you thinking about ?» and you answering that you want to go to space one day. I giggle a little.

Love is opening a new book and reading a story you can't believe is yours.

Love are eyes that are my sunset and my sunrise.

Love is wanting to feel so close that it is never enough.

Love is a color that never fades even in the rain.

Love is lying on the bed, holding each other, not doing anything and feeling whole.

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