• Gabrielle Archambault

The letter you will never get

You gave me uninterrupted limited hours and I'm eternally grateful for them. Between you and me, I just don't know how I'm supposed to tell you what I need to say if you're not there anymore. How I can tell you that because we didn't have much time, I fell in love with you after you were gone. Isn't that sad. Anyway, I wrote these words for you and I hope you can feel them. I was estranged, I had no one and I knew no one. Until you showed up and I recognized your face even if I hadn't seen it before. It was like that feeling when you get home and all the joyful memories come back to you. I was barely breathing and you grabbed my hand to take me to the surface. You showed me the stars and I thought of them as a treasure hunt leading to the birthmark on your chest. You made the impossible happen for me everyday so now I choose to see the wonderful in everything and everyone. That's how much you changed me. You made me fall for you and for life too. Unfortunately life has got nothing on you but now that you're gone I found my rebound. I like to think that that you left me love for life as a goodbye gift. I also like to think that you found a second breath of life to call your own and that you're happy. Don't worry I will take care of the gift you left me, I will fill it with memories, tokens of my youth, pictures, priceless moments and most of all, adventures. I know how much you used to love them. The ones that make your heart beat twice as fast in a good way. Those that get your lungs high on the incredible feeling. And those that leave the taste of freedom in your mouth. I will cherish my love for life forever and I will honor it. You showed me how to feel alive every minute and enjoy the little things. You taught me how to never take anything for granted. For that and all the rest, I thank you with all that I have. I promise never to waste time on things that don't matter and to make it worth my while until my very last breath. I will make you proud. And since you left too soon, I will live for the both of us.

I love you.

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