• Gabrielle Archambault

When anger hits

When anger hits you, it does not apologize. Instead, it messes with your head, tangles your thoughts just as beautifully as a sailor does rope. It blurs your vision like water spilled on a painting. All the lies of the illusion show revealed. All the tricks played on you and how you were such a fool to believe it was otherwise. La vie en rose is no longer. It fades away along with your reasoning. It makes you wonder why the sky stay so blue even on a bad day like this one. You can pray that you'll accept what you can't change but anger has got it all figured out for you. You won't roll with the punches, you'll be the one handing them out. Anger will take more of your life than what it is worth. Because when it takes control you never know when you might find yourself screaming under water and getting even more mad because no sound is coming out. Anger, it makes you put on a red dress and walk all over town. With your arms crossed and pinched lips.

Asking people who pass you by what is their problem. No camomille will put your soul to sleep. But what is surprising about anger, is that it might leave you wanting for more.

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