• Gabrielle Archambault

You and I

We are the same but different. I ask myself too many questions and you try to answer them. At night, I stay still or lay awake while you talk in your sleep and I listen closely. What if you asked me to marry you ? Would you remember in the morning ? Never mind. You dress the same everyday while I get tired of every single thing I own. Don’t think I don’t listen to you but you tell me I look pretty when I wake up so when I put on a dress I wonder what you think. You don’t talk a lot but it’s okay because I can’t shut up so. I know you might think I’m boring but when I pick something from the menu I like to know what to expect. You might try new things but may I remind you that you always end up being disapointed and stealing from my plate. I don’t know why but I can’t say no to that smile even if you say you wished it didn’t look that way. But beware, I know how to use mine to make you do things. I just need to look at you, anyone could tell I love you. And I get to choose the movie for tonight. You are so delicate and good for us because I tend to be rude sometimes. In so many ways we don’t really match. But that’s what makes us a whole. You complete me. I feel like this phrase has been used so many times it has become flat. What if I say this instead : There is nothing about you that I don’t want to take in every single second of every day. You are the person for me and I believe it to be my ultimate truth. For every bad thought of every bad day you are there. To struck my hair and tell me it’s okay. I love each word that comes out of your mouth and I love how your eyes speak ever louder when you look at me. With you I feel that there is hope for the next days to come and for the storm we might encounter. Since the day you took my hand for the first time I knew you wouldn’t let go and you never did. We will go all the way you just wait and you’ll see.

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