• Gabrielle Archambault

You are not the reason

I wish the reason I can't sleep at night was you. This way, at least I could think about your face and every mark it bears. What they mean to you and the epic story that goes with each one. I could also think about how you can fix every mess I come up with. That shoulder shrug you do when you tell me that everything is okay and that we're both alive so it's all that really counts. Then, I could think about the rest of your body, how it never lets either of us down. I could think of your chest against my back at night when I can hear the world spinning. I could think about your hands. They are wiser than you know and they can make wonders, you just don't know it yet. I could think about the lines running across them and how they make you who you are, those lines are your written diary. But...Instead of all this, I think of that man. You are not the reason.

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